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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brief Alpine update

The ducklings are thriving and the lotuses are blooming. Here are the ducks hurrying to the feed I just put out for them. So fast I couldn't operate the new camera in time to get all of them centered in the photo. Gotta work on that.

Been reading and rereading the manual, trying to figure out how best to photograph butterflies and odes with it. For now, it's just set on auto-pilot. Probably the bottom line will be that it won't take quite as good quality photos as my Canon. But it'll be handy for scenery, video, and a back up. One cool feature I like is that it'll take still shots and video simultaneously. Gotta try that. 

Hopefully, I'll find some interesting subjects to practice on tomorrow. And hopefully, when I get back to CMO the plague of mosquitoes will have subsided.

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