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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diving dabblers

The ducklings are making my blog's news again. They can't read and don't know that they're dabbling ducks. Dabbling ducks don't dive. Online I found this info: "While a few dabblers may occasionally dive to feed or to escape predators, typically they skim food from the surface or feed in the shallows by tipping forward to submerge their heads and necks." My babies seemed to just be playing. They weren't feeding and they weren't trying to escape predators.

Bottoms up

Completely submerged

They didn't learn this trick from the adults because I've never seen the adults dive. No diving ducks have visited the pond since they've been born. Maybe it's the chicken scratch I bought them. They love it. Might have caused a species identity crisis. Maybe when they become adults they won't be able to submerge themselves, but they did it repeatedly today.

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