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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A surprise rainstorm

It was awesome, even if no water ran into the tanks. It all soaked into the parched thirsty ground. So needed. I ended up with .64." And I don't have to water tomorrow before I go to town. All good.

The above is just a random shot I took of water puddled on the ground.  Even after it was over, there were some ominous looking clouds to the south.

I saw the storm approaching from the SW, even though the forecast said 0% chance of rain. I decided to do a little patching on the tank so at least I'd end up with either rain, or work accomplished. I barely got through when it started to rain, so I figured the wet cement would all wash out, but for the most part, it stayed. Then I got about a third of an inch and it stopped, another cell came from the NE, bringing another third of an inch.

Things cooled way down too. It wouldn't surprise me if my tanks all fill up tomorrow. That's the way it goes sometimes.

On the above photo, the gap between the strips of white coating is where I had just stuccoed before the rain. It's on the SW corner of the pond. Tomorrow morning I hope to finish patching the west side, so if it does rain, I'll feel better about the tank walls not deteriorating as fast. The problem is, the west wall is the steepest. No way I'll be able to do it probably, even standing in the water. The walls are 9 feet tall, so I can't reach up to where it needs to be stuccoed. I'll do what I can though. Whatever I get done is a plus. Every year I stucco, and every year it gets water under it and comes off. So this year I'm coating the new stucco with Drylok. If water gets in behind the tank at least it should hold up better. Also I'm mixing the stucco with way more cement and concrete adhesive than I usually do. I tried a gallon of that $15 concrete patch from town and it only did 2 square feet. That seemed ridiculous, so I decided to try harder to get it to stick. And even if I had used that expensive stuff, it might not have worked any better. The mixture and coating I'm doing now should do better than ever before. That's the plan, anyway.

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