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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The eccentric in me

I was reading (in a book belonging to one of my eccentric sisters), the definition of eccentric. Yup, no doubt about it, I'm an eccentric. The book (ON DESIRE by William Irvine, 2006) defines an eccentric person as a nonconformist who is "curious, creative, intelligent, idealistic, and opinionated." The part that really convinced me was when he said, "eccentrics are passionately devoted to at least one idea, enterprise, or hobby..., the typical eccentric doesn't stop at one obsession but goes on to develop half a dozen." And these obsessions bring them delight, unlike the obsessions of, say, an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Yup, my seven passions bring me joy (birds, butterflies, dragonflies, oasis, photography, ancestry, and blogging). I'm even happier knowing why I'm a happy person. And it's comforting to know that it's OK to be eccentric, and I don't have to try to conform to society's standards.*

There is a definite paucity of butterflies and odes around Alpine this year. Some people think it's due to the drought, but there were plenty last year. I think it was the long cold winter. At any rate, I've tired of looking in vain for them. What few I find are species I've posted here before.

I can't remember what these flowers are called, but they do well here in Alpine's clay soil.

The ducklings don't quack with their tiny baby voices anymore. They sound pretty grown up.

I'm sure they are not genetically 100% domestic duck. I think this wild Mexican Duck is their father, which means they won't get as big as their mother. They may be as big as they're going to get.


* My husband has passions, but they all center around food. Hunting for it, fishing for it, gardening for it, cooking it, eating it...


  1. Tritoma, red hot pokers. They are magnificent down there! Thank you for your news. I have an agave blooming in North Central Tx currently, that I dug from the side of the road at an abandoned homestead years ago. I suspect it came from West Texas. It is spectacular! My little bit of desert up here.

  2. Thank you for the name of the flowers. I wracked my brain trying to remember what they are.