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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mistaken identity

Hurricane Patricia left CMO overcast all day yesterday with less than two-tenths of an inch of rain. Didn't see the sun all day. Today didn't see one cloud all day. Finally got done all the work on my list. That state won't last long so I'm trying to enjoy it without finding other work I need to do. Only one orange on the orange tree this year as far as I can tell. House is as clean as it's going to get. Way more work than it's worth.

This morning I heard a calypte hummingbird. I couldn't get a good look at it, but assumed it was an Anna's. Then late this afternoon I saw it perched, got my binoculars on it, and swore I saw a hint of purple among the gorget feathers. I also thought I saw a couple of gorget feathers on top of the head, although those weren't showing any color. So I got my camera set up in view of the perch and when it came back to that perch I snapped lots of pics of it. (Not confessing how many) Didn't see any gorget color through the camera lens, but hoped when I downloaded the pics at least one would show a hint of purple.

Well, one photo, and one only, showed color and it wasn't purple. I would have sworn that pot-bellied hummer was a Costa's. Nope. Anna's Hummingbird.

The only shot with color showing wasn't a sharp shot, but it made its point.

Lots of stuff is blooming, including beebrush and this Texas Kidneywood (Gray Hairstreak butterfly).

Both the Texas Ranger and this Big Bend Silverleaf  are blooming but I didn't see any butterflies on the latter.

And there are berries on both of the biggest Texas Madrone trees. 

This next hummer is a selasphorus. I think it's an Allen's but I would probably be wrong. It was doing a courtship display to a male Lucifer, which I think is very unusual. I looked in the book and the display was that of an Allen's. But I don't know if this is the same hummer that displayed. You know how that goes.

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