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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The pain of gain

Gained a new laptop today. How I dreaded the learning curve.  I couldn't even bring myself to unseal it from its wrapper. (At least I did remove it from the box it was delivered in.) Then I went straight to the thrift shop and picked out a case for it, stuck it in, and paid for the case while the computer was still in it. Not taking any chances. Took it to my son to deal with. After about an hour of help, he had to continue with his day's responsibilities and I'm on my own.

I managed to get my desktop photo on it but for the life of me I can't figure out how to download the photos on my backup thumb drive. Gonna look it up online I guess. And I ordered a wireless mouse for it. I can deal with the touch pad but think it'll be faster for me with a mouse. Then I'll have my son download photoshop on it. By that time I should be able to manage it. Little things throw me off. Like I went to do an email and am used to typing the first letter of the recipient and a drop-down window gives me the options from my contact list. Didn't happen. Had to go look up the email address and type it in. I have to get used to this computer though because it's likely the last one I'll be getting for the next ten years. The one at CMO is nearly 12 years old, a Windows XP and feature by feature quits working. What does work is slow. And I mean really, really slow. So when I get this one figured out to where I can function on it, that should be a great thing.

Haven't gotten any rain yet, but it's in the forecast. Would love to get my tanks topped off, but at least a good soaking rain would be nice so I don't have to water so much. With cooler weather now I plan to just water once a week. And if it rains, even less. Then after the first freeze I can cut back to twice a month.

I must be getting old because a lot annoys me that is changing in life. Like I can't stand "up-talking." And while I was typing this I heard the TV advertising whooping cough vaccine. In my day it was pronounced "hooping" cough. Now they say "wooping"cough. Just all kinds of stuff like that. Very annoying. Computer changes don't bother me as much. Like now I'm having to learn Windows 10. My town computer is Windows 7. I'm happy with it. Bought it 5 years ago. OK, back to my self-education.

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  1. I think you will like the windows 10 when you're familiar with it...I do. But I started with windows 8..then 8.1 and finally 10, all on the same laptop with upgrades. Starting with10 would have been easier but it wasn't available then. I'm sure you will do good. Have fun!!