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Saturday, October 10, 2015

State of CMO water

Well, the night of the rain I stayed up all night pumping out that dirt tank. Got more water out of it that way (It soaks into the ground a bunch). Here's the state of my water reserves, as of today. I think, by being frugal with watering, and with the cold, rainy winter we're predicted to have, I should be able to squeak by without buying and hauling water. Takes a lot of pressure off.

Look at this map, a screen shot from around the time water was filling that tank. You'll see there's always that finger of no green on the map north of Terlingua where my place is. So frustrating. The rain just seems to go around me every time. I'm lucky I got what little I got.

My son is coming down tomorrow to see why neither tank's pump works.

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