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Monday, October 26, 2015

Lajitas time

Went to Lajitas today just because I felt like it. Didn't end up being the treat I had hoped, but no tricks either. Just a rather strenuous day. Quite a few odes but all the same old ones. Gorgeous drive down there though, as usual. These were taken on Highway 118 several miles north of Study Butte.

Willow Mountain on left
Bee Mountain on right

The Texas Rangers was in full bloom and had lots of  Theona checkerspots on them.

And here's a Fiery Skipper from Lajitas.

Back at CMO I nearly ran over a gray and pink snake as I was leaving. It was disappearing fast so I grabbed the handiest camera, my little Lumix. Not the best but better than nothing. I haven't ID'd the snake yet. Probably a Big Bend Patchnose.

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