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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Quantity AND Quality

One would think with only two dragonflies at CMO today it would be easy to keep track. But there were hundreds of Monarchs fluttering all over the place. Add to that their shadows, and a slight breeze. The whole oasis appeared to be in motion.

Somehow I managed to locate two odes among the melee (may have been more). One of them turned out to be a Turquoise-tipped Darner. That's the second one I've seen here this year, in spite of them being out-of-range here. (See post of Aug 7)

As far as birds were concerned, there was one too many of those. That one being a sapsucker. It seems to be molting but I think it's a Red-naped Sapsucker.

Another butterfly I saw today was this one that I guess must be a Golden-headed Scallopwing.

The berries on the Chinese Pistachio tree are red now. Hope they attract some interesting birds. I feel overdue for that.

Tomorrow I plan to go to Lajitas.

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