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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CMO day

I hung around the place today. My son-in-law (John Jankowski) generously donated some of his precious vacation time to help with chores around the place.  Here he is installing rain gutters on a rock storage building. My 15 yr old grandson (6ft 4in) hopefully learning here. He adores his step-father.

And five Cedar Waxwings visited early this morning. Couldn't get them all on one photo.

And I saw an American Pipit briefly. 

Not much interesting but glad to get some work done. Supposed to rain the next few days. Sure hope so. And just so everyone knows, Black Friday started on Wednesday this year. That's today.

Tonight there's a beautiful full moon. Looks different than I can remember seeing it. Of course this picture doesn't begin to do it justice with all the awesome detail on the surface of the moon, etc. Such is life.

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