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Monday, April 4, 2016

CMO update

Yesterday I saw the first damselfly of the year at CMO, a Powdered Dancer. But the big update is that the pump isn't burned out. I really dodged a bullet there. We got what we could out of the stucco tank. The mud is still too wet to work with.

Tomorrow we're going to cement some of the curbs along the road. Two need extending and a couple need repairing where vehicles hit them. That road will always be a work in progress, as will the tanks. I found some new hairline cracks in the stucco tank that weren't there when I patched a couple of weeks ago. But with freezing nights and hot days that happens. Just keep up with the patching as best I can. I don't think those cracks leak but not taking chances.

The pressure tank at the oasis isn't holding water. It could just be a bad check valve but I can't take chances so I'm not going to use the system until I have more water. The lines are underground so I can't check for leaks. For now I'll just use two long hoses from a little sump-type pump stuck into the big tank.

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