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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Encroaching senility

I get really frustrated coming to CMO and forgetting to bring things I bought to bring and need. But that pales in comparison to letting my submersible pump, pump dry in the stucco tank. I think what happened is I carefully monitored and turned the breaker off when the pump was still barely covered with water. Then I'm thinking I saw one bush or tree that needed water badly so I turned the breaker back on for a few minutes and then turned the faucet off instead of the breaker. There's a drip under the cottonwood so without the breaker being off it continues to drip. And after 2 days of that plus evaporation it did the deed. I know the pump cuts off when it gets hot, but sometimes it also burns up the pump. And that is a new pump. Grrr!!! I'm so hoping it's not ruined. Tomorrow I plan to shovel out what mud we can get and then start adding water. So tomorrow will tell.

Here's Teresa helping in the big tank today while we waited for the stucco tank to dry out more.

Optimistically there could be as much as four feet of water in this tank although it's choked with pondweed and up to a foot of silt in the bottom. That's all the water I have left until the next big rain or flash flood.

Speaking of senility, yesterday at Lajitas I was oding when Teresa was a ways away looking at birds in a patch of blooming mesquites. Up came 3 golfers in a golf cart and asked me if I could move out of their way. I replied, "where would you like me to move to?" I saw Teresa watching silently. One of the men said, "under a tree so you won't pass out from the heat." I bit my tongue and later learned Teresa did too. Then one said, "I haven't seen any dragonflies today. Are you going to the ranch later?" I asked if I could move to the mesquites. Then my son said "I can't believe you didn't recognize me." He knows I have a bit of prosopagnosia (face blindness), but thought I would recognize his voice. Didn't ever catch on, even though only family calls CMO "the ranch." I can't believe all those clues went right over me. I didn't look at their faces. They were maybe 60 feet away, too far for me to recognize had I been trying, which I wasn't. And I had known my son was golfing there that morning but thought he had been long gone by late afternoon.

One final story. For about 30 years I've kept an item in a kitchen cabinet. A couple of weeks ago I decided to just keep it on the woodbox ledge instead. I knew from experience I'd keep going to the cabinet for it for some time to come, but didn't see any reason to have to open a cabinet door to use it since I use it so frequently. So a couple of days ago I decided to use the item and remembered where I had moved it to. I congratulated myself for remembering all the way to the cabinet as I went for it. Did I ever feel stupid! I guess my brain knew but my body wasn't trained yet.


  1. Welcome to the aging process I won't forget you if you don't forget me. See you in May. : )

  2. I couldn't forget you, but just in case, you're marked on the calendar. LOL