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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In the beginning...

Most people don't know that my late husband and I started the oasis with the sole intention of harvesting rainwater for our vegetable garden. But after all the excavating and subsequent landscaping/manicuring I got the fever to plant native trees and bushes in all the bare ground around the tanks. Once I started, I couldn't stop, and ultimately we didn't have enough water for the vegetable garden, even after adding another catchment tank. I didn't care; I preferred trees, but we continued a garden until my husband passed away. Thereafter, I removed the deer fences and planted the hummingbird area where the garden had been. And when I remarried someone in Alpine who had a huge garden and endless water. I was able to have both the oasis and a garden. Of course, it's more work and commuting, but so far I'm hanging in there. Which gets me to my point. We already ate one tomato from this year's garden and late this afternoon I checked and the green beans I planted are up.

My husband planted the rest of the garden, which is also up and doing well. Okra, melons, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. I plant and tend the tomatoes because I'm real picky about how they're done.

Early in the morning I'm heading to the oasis to fill feeders and join the stream of birders pouring to there for at least the next ten days of prime migration time. Meanwhile, I know my garden is growing and my husband will be watering it in town. All I have to do is stay healthy; no easy task, but I'm determined. Chomping at the bit to work on the new Blue Oak Trail, but just have to pace myself right now or I'll overdo. 

One other project that I dread doing is mouse-proofing the house. I have everything else mouse-proofed, but every year I get a mouse or two in the house. Not acceptable. So I'm going to putty every possible seam between the roof and walls. My big problem is not having anyone to hold the extension ladder for me in the entry hall that's two stories tall... and wanting to work on the trail... or anything else.

Realistically, my house might sit empty for years after I die and I need to make sure no mice infest it... in the end.

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  1. Yup, what would good ol'west Texas cuisine be like without fried Okra ???