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Friday, April 8, 2016


Not sure how much CMO got but my sister a mile away got nearly an inch. A couple of storm cells just kind of popped up on radar out of nowhere.  I can't wait to get down there and see what I got. It's possible all my tanks filled up. Wouldn't that be amazing? Or it's possible hail denuded everything and I only got the edge of the rain. But anything is welcome. Small cells like that are very spot specific...drowning one mile and leaving an adjacent mile dry, so I'll just have to see and hope for the best.

And I had another senior moment a few days ago. Remember I said the underground water system wasn't usable because it wouldn't hold pressure, either a leak or bad check valve? Well, I was dragging tons of hose around watering the other day with a little pump in the tank when the hose snagged on a faucet and turned it on and water gushed out. The system had been turned off for two days, so that meant it had held pressure in the line that long. Didn't leak a drop. So what happened? All I can figure out is that the faucet that I used to test the system has two faucets on it. I know that, of course, and I'm sure I was careful to turn them both on. And surely, if no water came out, the first thing I would do is check to see that both faucets are on. But obviously they couldn't have both been on or water would have come out. Frightening.

UPDATE: Rushed to CMO to see the situation. First thing I noticed is that no where else in the area driving down seemed to have gotten much rain. Not a drop did we get in Alpine. Then I noticed all the holes in the road that I had been filling with silt that I cleaned out of the tanks had washed out. Oh well, at least I got .85" and the big tank filled up. So tank cleaning is pretty much over for this year. There's enough water in the upper settling pond and the upper dirt tank to pay for me to set up the pumps and pump them into the stucco tank.So I'll start on that at daylight.  All good.

Can't really assess if there was hail damage until daylight, but there doesn't seem to be any.

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