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Friday, April 29, 2016

Migration in progress

Lot of migrants moving through, but with no north winds to slow them down there isn't any big fallout. I tallied 50 species today but I know there were more. Warbler species seen today are Townsend's, Wilson's, Yellow, Yellow-rumped, and Nashville.

Female Lazuli Bunting top; Male Varied Bunting bottom

I'm hoping to develop a pattern, when I'm here, to start work on the trail at daylight before I start other projects. Today I could only swing the pick for an hour before I had to quit, but I think I progressed about 20 feet. However, I've noticed that trail work wipes me out for any strenuous work for the rest of the day.

Here is the after photo of today. The section before the flat bedrock is what I finished yesterday. It'll progress faster when we get some help. I have some volunteers lined up. I enjoy the work, just wish my body did.

It looks like there's a berm on the left edge of the part I did yesterday. I don't think there is, but if there is, I'll have to knock it down. We don't want water forced to run down the trail.

I saw my first Juniper Hairstreak butterfly for the year.

The soapberry trees aren't blooming yet but the acacia sure are. I think it's nectaring on them.

And this last photo I took just because I could. The group of naturalists here this morning wanted to see a W Black-necked Garter Snake so bad, but it wasn't yet 80° and none appeared until after they were gone.

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