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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pleasant day at CMO

The lovely lady, Laura Gold, from Lajitas, who services Kelly's hummingbird feeders there, visited today for the first time, accompanied by Roy Morey, author of "Little Big Bend," a book about rare and uncommon plants of our area. My copy of his book had already been signed, but I found a sister who had an unsigned copy for him to sign. We snapped a couple of quick pics to commemorate the visit.

While Laura and I were sitting watching a water feature we spotted my first darner for the year. Funny how it seems life just zips by but it takes forever for the dragonfly numbers to pick up. Probably won't be good for another month or so. I'm not happy with the photos I got of the Turquoise-tipped Darner, but at least they leave no doubt as to what species it is. This is the third time I've had one here. The book shows that they fly year-round but this is the earliest I've had one, to my knowledge.

I've long ago wearied of photographing Flame Skimmers, but with so few other odonate options and this one posing so cooperatively, I went for it, dead tasajillo (Christmas Cholla) and all.

And here's a frog. Not sure what species. I know I have Leopard Frogs so maybe that's what it is.

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