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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chomping at the bit here

Got .3" of rain at CMO. Not enough to fill my tanks but a wonderful soaking nevertheless. I'm dying to run down there but by the time I get there it'll be dark and the big hill will be muddy, maybe even to where I'd have to walk in. So I'll suffer through it here in town and arrive there around daylight.

Hopefully, this will be the start of good odonate activity. The first thing I'll have to do there is redo all my hummingbird feeders. Otherwise, the bees will descend on them. That's the only downside of Dr.JB feeders, but it rains so seldom that it isn't a real problem, and the rest of the time I'm bee-free.

This AM my sisters went up the mountain without me and worked on the trail, roughing it in since it needs me to pick-ax out boulders before it's ready for me to manicure. Chompin' at the bit to do that, too. I've decided we're going to continue the trail past the oaks, over another saddle and up to the top of the mountain, so there'll be easier access, not only to the oaks, but to the mountain top too. Since Brian found all those cool butterfly species up there two weeks ago, I don't know why it took me so long to decide to do that. And that will be our western access. I'm also going to do a southern access from my side of the mountain. We don't own the north or east sides, but do own the top and other two sides. I guess necessity is the mother of invention because it never occurred to us to make trails until we physically could no longer make the climbs. The thought of never seeing that wonderful part of our properties did the trick. But the kids and grandkids are anxious to enjoy the trails too, which gives us added impetus.

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