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Monday, May 23, 2016

Trail to trail

I try not to work on the hard Blue Oak Trail on two consecutive days. It's too strenuous, plus Ann and I have to coordinate our town schedules. She works part time at Center for Big Bend Studies at Sul Ross, and I have my husband in town that I have to spend a few days a week with. So tomorrow it's back to the hard trail, but today I worked on the S Rim Trail. Peregrines seem to be feeding young high on the rock face. I need to set up my scope so I can find the eyrie. Meanwhile, dawn found me heading that way.

I know I progressed at least 60 feet on the trail, but you sure can't tell it. My pickup seems to stay the same distance from where I'm working. And still lots of flat land to go before the trail starts to climb. But it's fun.

It got up to 100° today.

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