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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Almost rain in Alpine

The wind raged all day today in Alpine so I pretty much stayed indoors. Then around 7 PM it looked like a big rain was impending, but the ground didn't even get wet. Alpine didn't get rain last month when CMO did, so it's really needing it.

Maybe CMO will do better, and instead of having to water trees all day tomorrow, I can work on the trail. 

I always feel bad when I get a message like this in my facebook message request box, "I tried to follow directions on ebird to oasis but after 4/5 miles tried to turn right south but there was a cable and posted sign I love to bird oasis but am a little concerned about directions if you get this please call.........." Unfortunately, I don't get any notification that a message is there and never remember to check the message requests until days or weeks later.

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