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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stressful day

Right up front, I didn't take pictures up on the mountain. After laboring to just get up there and then swinging the sledgehammer and pick, and pulling a muscle (or something) in my hip, I just went into survival mode. The trail is done to the oaks, and I really regret not photographing them from the trail. Maybe I'll go back up there again someday. Maybe. I think the muscle event happened because when I swung the sledgehammer I was standing on a steep slope, not on flat ground. Other than that, don't know.

Very hot, people coming and going all day long. Holiday weekend. All very lovely people. Just really tired....

I got excited for a while when a dragonfly showed up that I didn't recognize. Even though the photo I got was horrible because it never landed, it was IDable by the online ode group.... Giant Darner. Not a lifer or a new oasis species, but better than the steady diet of Flame Skimmers I've been having.

I did manage a couple of decent shots of butterflies. Very common species. They love the Skeleton-Leaf Goldeneye.

Marine Blue

Reakirt's Blue


  1. Sorry you hurt yourself. Be careful.

  2. My hip didn't hurt too much today. Good thing too because my son came down and graded the road and I killed myself doing 8 hrs of raking to make it passable, but it's really nice once it's raked. I hate it that it got nice after this year's birders are through visiting. Bad timing.