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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Two happy surprises

One of my favorite most beloved persons, Dennis Shepler, visited today with the most perfect surprise for me. He painted me a painting of  a Lucifer Hummingbird and if that wasn't awesome enough, he made me some "Christmas Mountains Oasis" T-shirts with that painting on it. I am way over the top honored!!! I forgot to photograph the painting before I headed to town, but will do it when I get back to CMO. Meanwhile, here's me with Dennis wearing one of the shirts. Unfortunately, the light was such that the lettering doesn't show up good on the photo.

...but here is a shot of it when not being worn. Is that perfect, or what?

Surprise number two was a lifer butterfly at CMO. Dennis and I and his companions were sitting in the viewing blind chatting when I jumped up and ran for my camera exclaiming that I saw a butterfly I wanted to photograph. It was on the fresh Vitex Chaste Tree (more like a bush) blooms. Brian ID'd it as a Meridian Duskywing. Awesome! So this is my second post for the day. Makes up for days when I have nothing to blog about, I guess.


  1. Fantastic! I enjoyed surprising you. Wish we (Tom, Karen and I) could have stayed longer, but I hope to get out there later this year. : )

  2. I will send you a better copy of the painting. Send me your Alpine address. Will talk to Cin-Ty when I get back from Canada regarding making more shirts and the number/sizes you will need.

  3. Love the shirt!! That could be a real money maker for the CMO. :-)

    Carla in Rowlett

    1. Thanks. I'm working on getting more made.

    2. I would love one or 2 ��
      Jane in Fbg

  4. I'm working on it, Jane. I'll for sure get you one.