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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Out of sync today

We sisters went up the mountain early this morning. I had just gotten to the saddle (red arrow) where I was touching up where we left off last time when my sister told me a vehicle was coming down the road. Since I was expecting birders I thought I should go join them, so I hied down the mountain in record time. They stayed and flagged all the way to the oaks. Julie had never been there before. Tuesday morning we are going back up. I'll have birders then too but maybe we will have worked an hour or so before they arrive. At any rate, they're birders who have been here before so I won't feel a need to join them.

Now I'm in Alpine and it's raining. We got a teensy shower at CMO last night, but nothing to write about.

Oh, I want to mention that going up the mountain this morning I counted the stairsteps to the saddle. There were approximately 222, not counting the slopes and ramp-like inclines. Just stair-like steps.

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