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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Every day's a new day

Today Mac and I went to Lajitas. First time this year for me. Still no interesting odonates, but Mac got his lifer Gambel's Quail, which was one of our objectives. I didn't photograph them because I already have a lot of pictures of them, but he's satisfied with his photos.

We saw a flock of 19 White-faced Ibises, which ebird flagged as being a large number. Good thing I got photo evidence that there were 19.

About the only other thing I photographed at Lajitas was this ringtail. I'm hoping it's a White-belted, but it's probably just an Eastern. The former would be a lifer for me.

Back at CMO, I noticed the molting Lucifer Hummingbird only has a tiny patch of white left under his chin. I figure by tomorrow he'll be indistinguishable from the other male Lucifers. While he's finishing his molt, other Lucifers have fledged and are testing their skills. Here's a juvenile male practicing defending his feeder.

He's soon challenged by another juvenile male. It happened too fast for me to capture with any clarity, of course.

UPDATE: Experts say that ringtail is a Mexican race of Eastern Ringtail. Already had that one.

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