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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Still the mystery Lucifer

I keep taking photos of the possible aberrant, possible hybrid, and even possible molting Lucifer Hummingbird, or all of the above. Today it appears as if the tail is that of a normal Lucifer (although I haven't managed to get a good shot of the tail yet), and there are pin feathers in the gorget, so I'm wondering if it's just molting at the wrong time of year. That would be an aberration of sorts, but maybe not a hybrid. Hmmm.... Here are shots from today. It stays in shade and my Canon doesn't do well in shade so I tried my Lumix. Did better, I think. Shows some pin feathers on this shot.

Here's a shot I took with my Canon that shows the normalness of the tail (in my opinion). In flight the tail looked deeply forked.

The photography workshop participants are having a great time and getting good shots (they tell me). Larry Ditto (left) is an awesome person!

CMO is the premier place in the United States to observe Lucifers courting, gathering nesting material, and such. By the frenzy of activity I'd like to think they know something I don't know, like good rains are coming soon. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

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