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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New pasttime discovered

When it's too hot outdoors, or too windy, or too cold, I can work online crossword puzzles. Did my first one today.

I've played online scrabble before but not crosswords, that I remember anyway. I think I would have remembered.

My sister and I are going to climb the mountain to the summit together tomorrow for the first time. Hope I have energy for that. But even if I do, then I have to go to town and catch up there without watering here. I need to set up a pump and transfer water from the big tank to the stucco tank but won't have time or energy. So I'm a little dejected. I want to do way more than I'm able and that's not fun. And this is hot dry season. No matter how much water I give stuff, it screams for more.

Larry Ditto's workshop ended today and was a big success. Everyone was very happy with the photos they got. Larry gave me some tips on how to make my feeder setup more photographer friendly so I worked hard moving rocks around etc. I hope it'll benefit all photographers here.


  1. I was at the workshop. What a wonderful experience. This little oasis in the middle of the desert is a magnet for birds. And all the credit goes to Carolyn Ohl-Johnson, without whose dedication and HARD WORK, none of this would be here. Noel C. Ice

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Labor of love, what can I say?