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Monday, May 29, 2017

Long but good day

A mouse in the house woke me at 4 AM and I couldn't get back to sleep. Then at 7 AM Mac and I headed for the Davis Mountains to take pictures. So I'm exhausted, but it was a good day.

Not that I'm happy with any of my photos; I'm not. Here's a very cooperative female Two-tailed Swallowtail. I'm not happy with it because of the fly on its antenna, not to mention it's on a feeder instead of a natural background.

I was satisfied with these Acorn Woodpecker shots, although it wasn't a species I particularly wanted more photos of.

On our way back to CMO we stopped by the Burrowing Owl site hoping to find one by its burrow. We found one but it flushed before we could photograph it. While searching for burrows with owls around them, quite a ways from the road I spotted one in its burrow. Too distant for a good shot by me, but Mac got good shots. Here's mine. At least it was far enough away that it didn't flush.

When I got home the offending mouse was in my trap, and it started raining lightly. 

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