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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lucifers at their best

Yesterday Mac took this picture of a juvenile male Lucifer Hummingbird practicing his courtship skills. Way to go!

Today we were talking about cameras and I was seriously thinking about buying a 5D Mark II. Turns out Mac had one in his vehicle so we decided I would try it out before buying. We put my 100-400 lens on it. As he was showing me how to use it, I took a couple of practice shots of a female waiting for her Prince Charming to show up. She turned first one way, then the other. Waiting... and waiting.. She looked very appealing; healthy and well-groomed. At her very finest!

Suddenly Prince Charming appeared and I was on my own with the camera, desperately trying to focus on the action after my two minute lesson. Mac was pretty much doing the same with his gigantic Canon, except he knew what he was doing. He was rewarded with some excellent shots. For me, I got better than I had ever before. Here are some of mine. That male really displayed for a long time (stamina good). Vim, vigor, and vitality... check. Contortions first class! And it did the trick! Sold me on the camera too! 

They mated, but we couldn't capture it. This last capture shows her dropping down to mate with him in the air, out of the cameras' frames before either of our hearts could take another beat.


  1. These are incredible shots! My Dream photos

    1. Thanks, Emily. Mac's were much better of course.