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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A much needed ode fix

Suddenly I just had to have an ode fix so I made a quick trip to the Post Park south of Marathon. Glad I did. I wasn't able to totally destress and unwind, but took some pictures I'm satisfied with.

First I saw a pair of Blue-ringed Dancers caught in a spider web. That sure didn't help me destress.

Then I saw a Checkered Setwing that seemed to have a wing caught on something. Odes have a hard life.

Things started improving after that. The strong wind died down for one thing. Here's a pair of Desert Whitetails. I like these shots better than previous one I've taken of that species.

Comanche Skimmer

And I want to share one last shot. I think it's a Springwater Dancer, and I don't think the insect had any contact with the dancer because it didn't appear on the other shots of this damselfly. But you be the judge. I think the insect approached and caused the damselfly to leave. The wings are in a flight position.

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