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Sunday, July 30, 2017

CMO today

Hardly any sleep last night. I had thought I'd end up with more water than I did, but the top parts of the tanks hold a lot more water than the bottom halves. So, whereas I thought I'd be at 2/3 capacity today, that 7 hrs of pumping during the night didn't raise the levels all that much.  Maybe they're at 50% capacity. But soon a big deluge should come along and fill them. Not worried, yet...

Daylight found me waiting for my son to arrive and fix things. It was a hot grueling day, especially since I was tired from the onset, but he got the guesthouse water heater working. I'm a bit concerned because when it first went out I took off the cover to the thermostat and the insulation was very wet. Somehow I had forgotten about that. It's been dry since. And of course that thermostat was the problem so Eric quickly replaced it and the heater seems to work fine now. My concern is what was the source of the wetness, and will it happen again? He left off the insulation so we'll see. Here's the bad thermostat.

Then it was on to the next project: pressure pump at house. That was a bear. And it was stifling hot inside the working space.

By the time he got everything broke apart (he had to reuse a lot of the old pipe but in different configurations), and assembled the pipes needed to make the replacement work, we were both too exhausted to think about the next project. One has to work with what is available here. Can't run to the store for a fitting. And it was 100° outside in the shade. 

I was intending to take an "after" picture of the pressure pump, but company showed up and it didn't happen. Here's the "before." Believe it or not, this was installed in 1979 and works fine. It was the tank's bladder that was the problem. Since my sister gave me a newer, lightly used tank and pump, he opted not to reuse my old Gould pump.

The next project, installing an electrical outlet where I need one, would have required working out in the sun. Not doable. I can keep using an extension cord until cooler weather.

The main stuff is done, although I could always use help with some other stuff. It can wait. Just so happy to have done what is done, and so proud of my son. How awesome the oasis would be if he could help out more often. But I know he works really hard keeping the Triangle store, U-haul business, etc. going in Alpine. He gave up his only day off this week. And the oasis is my passion, not his.

Before I headed back to town, I spent a little time with the visitors. There are lots of gliders about, both Wandering and Spot-winged. Here's the latter.

Tomorrow, rest. My sinus infection was improving until last night. And allergies are starting to kick in, so I need to slow down some. If life just wouldn't come at me so fast!


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    1. Yup, looks like I'll have to fill my tanks an inch at a time. As long as they fill, I don't care.

  2. Glad you have help. Fill up tanks!