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Friday, July 14, 2017

My double life

Worked on the rent house all morning. Now my part of the work is almost done. Then it poured this afternoon. All day our land phone was down as well as the internet and TV. So I took a nap and fretted about the no rain situation at the oasis. Later I drove with my laptop to my son's wifi and checked the radar. Called my sister on my cell phone. Seemed hopeless. Then an hour later my sister called and said it was pouring. I came down and found I had nearly half an inch in the rain gauge. None ran at the oasis, but the upper dirt tank came to the rescue once again, so I'm pumping water all night long.

The big empty cleaned out tank caught a nice size puddle. I feel like I'll have enough water to add a little more to it and get a new ecosystem started there for dragonflies, pond-weed, etc.

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