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Saturday, July 29, 2017

All night pumping again

For the third time this year CMO got approximately half an inch of rain and the upper dirt tank caught some runoff. I was in town but came post haste when my sister called me. It was right before supper, but I left anyway. Here's me rushing down the highway to see if there would be water to pump, or hopefully, full tanks and no need to pump.

2017 7-29 Hwy 118

After I got out of that deluge I came to a dry area. Even saw a dust devil. Crazy country.

Getting closer to my mountain

Camel's Hump along Terlingua Ranch Road

I was elated to have enough water to pump. By morning my tanks should be at 2/3rds capacity. Probably a big gully washer will come tomorrow, rendering my staying up all night to pump unnecessary. But I'm not willing to risk it. Just as easily this could be my last runoff for 6 months or worse. Don't want to even contemplate the "worse."

While in town today I practiced photographing common odes just to become better with the camera settings. Got a couple of fairly decent shots but left them on my town computer when I came rushing down here. The lighting problem is a little better, but still not as sharp as they should be. Not giving up. Never.

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  1. That sky in the Camel's! Hoping for a strong monsoon season, and so far so good up here.

    When I was passing by your area last Sept, it was green like Ireland, while we were sort-of light green.