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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pumped out the stucco tank

It was too dark to see if there were leaks at the bottom edge by the time I got the water pumped out. Will look again in the morning, but didn't see any.

That left me with 6' of water in the big concrete tank. Not bad. Tomorrow after I make sure no leaks, or patch any I find, I'll pump half of that water back into the stucco tank. Not only is the stucco tank the only one hooked up to my watering system, but if I have lots of water in the big tank and a flash flood comes, instead of being able to go into the big tank, the water will go over the dam and into the stucco tank. And the area where it enters the stucco tank gets flooded on the outside of the tank wall, making the tank leak in that area more often than not. The best case scenerio is for the big tank to have room for all the water and I pump the stucco tank full from the dirt tank. That saves the tank wall best. But of course, nature is going to do what it's going to do. There's been a lot of flooding in the area, just none here.

Someone found a Fiery-eyed Dancer damselfly in Balmorhea State Park recently. That's one species I'd really like to see and photograph, so maybe after I get the water rearranged I'll go up there. I had gone several weeks ago but the park was closed due to being full.

Today I mixed my first real batch of butterfly brew. It has to sit for one month before it's ready to use. I followed Brian's instructions carefully. Hope it turns out good.

 I mixed a bottle of a special kind of beer that Brian gave me with 7 pureed bananas and a cup of pear pulp left over from my juicing adventure yesterday. Plus 2 lbs brown sugar. Covered it with gauze fabric. Put the container in a basin of water so ants can't get to it. And covered the top when it's out in the sun so critters can't get into it. Hope I've thought of everything.

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