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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quick CMO trip

I drove down today to service feeders and a couple of other things. The stucco tank leaked 2" in two days, so allowing half an inch per day for evaporation, it's borderline bad. Because it was 3' down to begin with. Had it been brim full it would have leaked worse. Now would be a good time to pump it out because the big concrete tank has room for the water in it. Once a big rain comes, there'll be no place to store it. But I needed to get back to town.* Going back Friday. Will consider pumping it out then. I can do it with electricity but still a long process. Pumping it out all at once is the only way to find the leaks because the water trickles back into the tank through the leaks.

In a hurry to wash feeders and no water pressure so I re-invented the old fashioned way. Filled another pan with clean water and dipped them in that. Actually faster than running the faucet on them. I may do it that way from now on.

* In town the peaches are ripening fast, so I'm in the process of picking and drying them. They make wonderful snacks when hiking or trying to stay awake on the drive to town. Also, since we don't have the rent house leased yet and my husband doesn't know how to do the computer, I need to take care of renting it. Everything is done online these days.

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