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Friday, August 16, 2019

Life in quicksand

Sotol crop
Trying to keep my head above the quicksand. So much going on. I rushed to the oasis this morning to do my feeders and water, then come back to town in time for my Austin son's visit. When I got to the oasis, with bags of seed for the seed feeder, it was ripped down. Not bears, but a squirrel had chewed through the rope.

 So I put up a temporary cable until I can get a chain. I'm sure that big squirrel can eat through these strands of cable wires one by one.

While I was watering the courtyard I saw this interesting damselfly. Got it ID'd as a female Lavender Dancer. I had that species at the oasis before but it was a male and I didn't get a good photo, so am glad to have a better photo of that species from the oasis.

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