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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

No country for man or beast

It was 108° today when I headed to town. Now I have plenty of water to keep things happy and not the energy to endure the heat in order to apply the water every day, which is what it would take in this heat. But most things are looking decent. Surely it'll rain any day!

Some odes are so lovely that even though they're common, I just can't resist photographing them. Perfect example is this Neon Skimmer. He looks all painted up to do the town, including red lipstick. 💋

And got a better photo of a Great Pondhawk. I don't know why I love that species so much.

Red and green. Christmas colors at the Christmas Mountains Oasis every day.


  1. Those 2 dragonflies are gorgeous! :-)

    Carla in N. Texas

  2. I agree! Never get tired of seeing them.