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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A change of weather

If you like the weather here, don't get attached to it, because it'll change. Today was horrible. A high of 44.° As you can see in this photo CMO was up in the clouds with little visibility for most of the day.

So I went with a friend to Lajitas and Far Flung Outdoor Center to look for hummingbirds. However, the only hummer we saw all day was right back at the oasis where we started from. (It was a Rufous.)

I felt guilty for not getting work done in the tank, and can't do patching or coating unless the temperature is above 50,° so when we got back, I spent an hour or so sweeping and hauling dirt out of the tank. Eased my guilt. Especially, since I have to go to Alpine tomorrow.

In spite of the weather the cottonwood is starting to bloom. Spring is definitely in the air. 

Footnote: Keep in mind that photos add 10 lbs and besides that I was wearing thick long-johns inside my flannel-lined jeans. Just saying......

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