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Sunday, February 16, 2014

More of the same

This morning the moon was a little higher at the same time of day, so I did marginally better on the photo.

Had to come to town for a few days. My body thanks me. Brain, not so much. Darn, when will I learn to keep my fingers away from the lens on my iphone. This is getting tiresome.

My thought was for you to see so much of the tank that you'd get as sick of seeing it as I am. Then I realized I'm not sick of seeing it. I see it as a tank one-eighth sealed, not as a tank seven-eighths leaky. I hope that stuff actually works. It's not really designed for tanks and I don't really apply it exactly as instructed.* It just seems like it should work though. Water can't get through it, and it bonds to the concrete. Time will tell.

 I'm enthused about my latest plan. I bought a small 4" roller and a long extendable handle. I think I can roll that stuff on the cracks that I can't reach and save using a ladder. Much faster and safer.


* For example, get a load of this from the manufacturer's website (gotta laugh at that):

Can I use ThoroSeal ® or Super ThoroSeal ® to seal my pond or cistern?
                              Yes! Apply the coating, then wait 5 days to allow time for a complete cure. Scrub the pond or cistern with salt water a couple of times, and rinse thoroughly before filling with water.


  1. Love the soft pink to purple tones on the 1st photo. And I admire the stamina you show in sealing the tank.


  2. Nice morning moon shoot.

    Joe Sherfy

  3. Thanks, guys. Wish you could have seen it in person with me.