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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A late start today

Lovely day today, and even though I didn't get to the oasis until afternoon when I would have liked to take a nap, I forced myself to spread one can of coating. And guess, what? I didn't have my hand in front of the lens this time (it wasn't easy).

I used the roller up high today, and not liking it. Definitely will need a second coat. It's so hard to fill the cracks and holes up high with a roller, but gotta do it. Beats the alternative, which is fall off the ladder and break a bone. I've never had a broken bone and don't want to start now.

An historic moment at the oasis. I planted the first plant for attracting swallowtails, ruta graveolens. 

Not only do I have swallowtails now, but the rue didn't look happy in the pot. If we get another norther it should make it through OK. And the Zanthoxylum (Toothache tree), that my friend, Jane Crone, gave me, is putting on new leaves in the pot. Forgot to take a photo. Will do that tomorrow.

Here's the Pipevine Swallowtail that's been hanging around since the 16th. Finally got a photo of it today.

I guess this is a Swamp Sparrow. I've had a lot of confusing sparrows this winter.

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