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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heck of a deal!

I found the Drylok on for about $7 less per gallon than it sells for in Alpine, plus free shipping.

So I ordered a bunch and gonna order more.

And watching the Olympics, and what the competitors go through for their passion, I'm not going to complain when I'm down in the tank sweating, and in pain. One contestant in the skateboarding (or something, I'm not much into sports) even had lidocaine injected into her injured knee in order to participate. I'm motivated. Gonna do it (the tank, not skateboarding)!

Actually, it's not the heat and pain that slows me down, it's the failure of my joints to move at my command. So far I haven't taken anything for it, but I might have to. It worries me some because I pushed my thumbs doing rock work when I first built the oasis (1996) and they haven't worked right since. By the time I finished the rock work I couldn't even hold a glass of water. I wasn't concerned. I figured a few days of rest and they'd be good as new. Not so. One thumb still pains me all the time. The other one quit hurting a couple of years ago, but doesn't work right. So it gives me pause.

As for the heat, I just work in the cool of the morning. It doesn't get hot before about 11 AM, by which time I'll be pooped anyway. Sometimes I can nap in the afternoon and go out to work in the late afternoon, but the problem is, I still have other chores to do too. Like water trees, fill feeders, prune, pull weeds, there's always tons to do. Watering in the spring takes at least one day per week. Ideally, I water 6 hours, twice a week, but being frugal with water, I try to reduce that to way less. Also must have time to photograph birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Must!

I'm not too worried though because I can go slow, and if I don't finish by the time rains start, which may not even happen at all (perish the thought), or may not happen before July, whatever I have done will save a bunch of water. At most, it's a 40 day job. Even if I had 40 consecutive days to do it, my shoulder wouldn't let me, so I don't resent having to spend  3 days a week in town. We don't band hummers much in the spring so that won't be an issue either. I'll try to take a few selfies of me working in the tank as I go along.

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