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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Where I'm at

Well, physically, I'm in Alpine. Mentally, I'm at the oasis. But here's where I'm at in the tank.

I can't pump anymore water out of the tank and I'm not about to bail it out, so I'll work around it until it evaporates. That'll happen way before I get the walls and much more of the floor done, not to worry.

I was disappointed that I missed a day of work yesterday. The weather forecasters don't even come close to getting it right for my area. The "Marfa plateau" is always the coldest place in our area, so I always use their forecast lows to predict mine. Their forecast low for last night was 40° so I left a drip under the cottonwood tree instead of draining the line like I normally do when it's supposed to freeze. Well, it got down to 27° at the oasis last night. The drip was a column of ice, but after it thawed out nothing was broken. So it didn't warm up this morning to where I could do all the work I had planned. Did get my requisite gallon applied before coming to town, though.

I saw a butterfly that looked different and I would have liked to hang around and try to photograph and ID it, but I squandered all my time working in the tank and had to get to town. I'm still glowing from the lifer Great Purple Hairstreak (Feb 25), so it'll probably be just as well to spread the fun out, if that makes sense.

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