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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Still getting the feel of coating the tank

Before having to come to Alpine today I determined to wear myself out working on the tank. It looks like two coats will be needed to be sure no pinholes are left. I accidentally put too much color in today's gallon. Pink elephant now. Oh, well, the new has worn off on that idea. I may just put it on white from now on. I hate that I lost two work days due to cold weather.

Now I can't go back until Thursday. And I was already sweating working in the tank today. Maybe we'll go straight from winter to summer this year. It wouldn't be the first time. The peach tree is budding out but nothing else is. I was afraid to water the apricot tree for fear it would bud out.

I need to get the tank cleaned out but I hate to double pump the water so haven't. I just pump it when I'm watering trees, but next time I go down there, I'm going to have to pump it into the other tank or I won't get finished with the coating before rainy season.

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