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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back to normal

Whatever normal is. At least the electricity is back on. Every rain-less day that goes by makes me think how lucky I am to have gotten that one rain mid-June. I would be so miserable hauling water right now if not for that one random shower. I'm not under pressure to get my tanks topped off (yet), and still enjoying watering things better than if I felt the need to ration water.

This afternoon I really enjoyed spending a little time sitting beside my wildlife pond watching dragonflies, and absorbing the ambiance. Dragonflies are such awesome creatures. Even other insects are interesting to watch. This is some kind of wasp, I suppose.

There's some weird white stuff hanging from a Catclaw Acacia bush. It was too high up for me to get a better shot at it, plus I was hot and tired so didn't feel like hauling a ladder. Tomorrow I'll try for a better photo, and maybe someone will know what it is. What they're not, are blooms. Maybe moth cocoons, or gall, or something.

There's only one Bell's Vireo nestling left in the nest. I imagine the others fell out. If the nest had been predated, all four would be absent. (See post of July 14)

Weeks fly by and tomorrow starts another round of banding.

UPDATE: That white stuff has been identified as Cottony Cushion Scale.

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