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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fun, fun, fun

Grim reminder of the fires a couple of years ago                                                

Got two lifers at the Davis Mountains Preserve today. Both Cloudywings. Here is the Desert Cloudywing...

And here is the Drusuis Cloudywing. Thank you, Brian for the IDs. Hopefully, I have them right. I didn't find the guide book very helpful on these two similar species.

No one can turn treasure into trash as easily as I can. Less than a week ago a Red Satyr was my treasure. Today I saw so many at the preserve that I couldn't stand to take another photo of one.

I didn't see any noteworthy odonates, but now that I've seen mating Plateau Spreadwings, I can feel that my life is complete.

Here is a shot of the female. To me it doesn't look like the female in the above photo, but what do I know?

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