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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life's coming at me fast

I wore myself out doing the work in the arroyo, so went to bed at 8 PM.....  always a mistake. As happens, I woke up at 3 AM and couldn't get back to sleep. So now I'm really, really tired but trying to stay up until at least 9 PM so I have more chance of sleeping through the night. I'm excited to be going dragonflying with Kelly tomorrow. I'm sure to get lifers, both odes and butterflies.

Banding this morning was a little strange. We started at CMO at 8 AM, on schedule, and my sister and her sons showed up to watch.

Then as they were leaving an hour later, a group of naturalists from the Lower Rio Grande Valley arrived to watch. It was rather like giving a banding presentation twice, back to back. But it was fun. No complaints. Of course, I didn't do anything different. It was Kelly who did the "presentation." He seems to thrive on stuff like that though.

We had the fun of photographing this Neon Skimmer today. 

And this Southern Spreadwing

I saw the skimmer yesterday, but didn't ID it (it didn't perch), and the spreadwing I probably would neither have seen nor ID'd without Kelly. Hopefully, I'll learn these before I develop old age dementia.

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