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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hot and tired today

I arrived at CMO mid-afternoon when the temperature climbed briefly to 100,° needing a nap, but having to emergency water some plants that were looking a bit wilted. And once I start watering, I have a hard time not giving everything a little drink, so I'm dragging....

Late this afternoon, as I was driving the block from the oasis to the house, I saw an interesting plant alongside the road, so stopped (abruptly) and snapped a photo, hoping to ID it and see if it's good for butterflies. I posted these photos of it on the W TX Xeriscape Facebook group and they thought it was acourtia wrightii (commonly known as Brownfoot or Perezia). That's a new one for me. I'm always amazed by what grows here. I'm going to try for better photos tomorrow. The leaf edges are prickly, and it's not a milkweed.

I just wish I had the time and energy to see what else is growing on my place. I know there's bound to be some great stuff. Whenever I do get out and about, I find awesome plants.

One last photo. It's of some caterpillars that will turn into Bordered Patch butterflies.They're all over the oasis, not unexpectedly, since I had an infestation of them last year. Gorgeous butterflies, and there's no shortage of sunflower leaves for them to eat.

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