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Saturday, July 26, 2014

My computerized world

This is what I saw when I turned on my computer first thing this morning.

Then when I logged onto Facebook, I was met with this.

I guess that's the payback I get for stating the other day that I can't live without modern technology, including my computer. So much for anonymity. On the bright side, I'm the youngest today that I'll ever be for the rest of my life. That's seeing my cup half full. Seeing it half empty, I'm the oldest I've ever been. Hmmm.... 

Enough of that. I managed to get away from the computer and phone long enough to snap a few photos. Here's a better shot of that Perezia Wrightii I posted yesterday. I love it when beautiful flowers bloom that have grown with no help from me.

 I finally got around to photographing where I fell Monday. The slope was wet as I went down with tread-less shoes. At the top of that skid mark you can see the cottonwood tree root that my tail bone landed on. Fast and hard, I might add. It still hurts, too.

I've taken and posted Palmer's Metalmark photos before but I especially like this one the way it has it's wings spread open like illustrations in the book sometimes do. And talk about emerald eyes, this jewel has them. Too bad the photo isn't sharper. Gotta work on that.

 There are so many dragonflies around that I'm totally overwhelmed with trying to ID them. Here's an example of one that I have no clue as to what it is. If I had to guess, I'd guess female Swift Setwing.


UPDATE: Kelly thinks that last ode is a female Band-winged Dragonlet. Since I have no idea, I'll go with that.

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