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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rain is in the forecast

An old-timer birder, Pansy Espy,* always told Kelly Bryan that if you saw a cloud cap on Blue Mountain (between Ft Davis and Davis Mountains Resort) then it was going to rain. Well, we saw it this morning so I'm waiting for it to rain. Of course, I'm sure she didn't mean in the Christmas Mountains, but even the less reliable weather service is forecasting rain. They can't both be wrong can they?

By the looks of all the blooms around Alpine, you'd think it must have gotten lots of rain already, but that hasn't been the case. I can't find any butterflies around town since a little cool front arrived.

The monsoons will arrive, I'm not worried.

*I was sorry to never have met Pansy before she passed away several years ago, but I did spend several months entering the birding data she left behind (those that included dates and locations) into Ebird, so I feel a special bond with her. In her days very few people kept any kind of bird sightings records, so I was glad for what I could glean from hers.


  1. NIce way to predict rain by looking at that mountain. El Paso's 3-4 days of flash flood watch has been so far just weak, only English-type rain showers. Just so it rains more without flooding, we'll be fine. Hopefully it heads towards you. The cool-down is amazing, too.

  2. Rainbows aren't the only thing that waits for rain here.