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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Busy day

My day was supposed to start at 6 AM, but for some reason, in my sleepy state, I got up at 5 AM, thinking it was time. Kelly Bryan banded hummingbirds today at the same time National Public Radio interviewed him, then, when that was all finished, they interviewed me.

We have a good number of juvenile Lucifer Hummingbirds this month, which means breeding success in the area. We love learning that.

Here's a photo of a Pipevine Swallowtail floating dead in the big tank. For some reason, it fascinated me. Go figure!

There's been an unidentified kingbird hanging around the oasis since July 5th, but in my ignorance, I just decided it must be a Western. I knew its vocalizations weren't that of a Cassin's. The only two options, I assumed. Well, when Kelly saw it, he immediately observed that it had a forked tail, therefore had to be either a Couch's or Tropical Kingbird. Either one would be a new species for the oasis. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, I don't remember now what it sounded like (other than not a Cassin's, which I'm real familiar with). Here's Kelly's photo. I'll pay attention to the sounds it makes in the future if it hangs around, and if it calls. That's the only way to tell the two species apart, apparently.

photo courtesy Kelly Bryan                      

Headed to Alpine after everyone left, I watched showers here and there along the way. Not unusual this time of year. Any day now I'll get my tanks topped off. Meanwhile, I'm lavishing water on things.

Kokernot Mesa, left center and Elephant Mountain, center                


  1. That photo of NPR out there in the vast wide open spaces with Kelly is absolutely priceless! Hoping to see you at the Fort Davis Hummingbird Festival next month!

  2. I just got field trip requests so apparently the festival is going to happen. See you there or at the oasis if you come on a field trip there.