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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chance for rain this week

A chance is better than no chance. It is rainy season after all, not like I'm being unreasonable to expect rain during rainy season.

Got caught up on work in town so was going to go somewhere oding but talked myself out of it. Decided to just ode my ponds here in town. Didn't photograph anything new but got some better pics of regular stuff. I didn't have any pics of Plateau Dragonlets from Alpine before and don't remember if I've seen them here before or not. Now I have photo documentation anyway.

There were lots of amberwings and I thought maybe some were Slough Amberwings. They looked different and seemed to be acting different, but turned out to all be Eastern Amberwings

This is the darkest Fatal Metalmark I've ever seen.

Tomorrow we're going to Odessa for my dentist appointment. My implant quit hurting since I started doing my chewing on the other side of my mouth but may as well get a checkup anyway. I'm going to stop at the Pecos River on the way back and try for better Seaside Dragonlet photos plus I hope to get a lifer Paiute Dancer, and anything else interesting that's there in the short time my husband is willing to linger there.

Part of my "town work" included dumpster diving. Kelly's banding chair wasn't working for him at CMO so I finally found one by a dumpster that I fixed and think will work great. 

Then the cushions at CMO on my viewing benches had the coverings worn out. I cut fabric from the back of sofas I find by dumpsters and cover stuff with that. I did one last week and this one yesterday. That white material from a sofa is a really good quality denim. When I finish projects like that I put them in my pickup so I don't forget to take them with me next time I go. I'm pretty much always packed and ready.

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