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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Davis Mountains Preserve morning

Helped Kelly band hummingbirds at the preserve this morning. Afterwards we walked down to the intermittent creek to check for odes. Storm clouds threatened, so not much flying. The most memorable part of the morning was when I almost stepped on a Black-tailed Rattlesnake as I was walking through the tall grass. It was the largest Black-tailed I've ever seen, and could certainly have bitten me if it had been so inclined.

Well hidden, even while rattling
Side view, still rattling
Front view, still rattling
Here is a Tropical Least Skipper. Not a lifer for me. (See post of Nov 10, 2013)

This next one is an Acmon Blue.

I did get a nice shower at CMO night before last. Not enough to put any in the tanks but good for the parched ground nonetheless. 

Tomorrow I'm going to try again for a photo of the Mexican Violetear.

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